; Linkinride: Employees carpool portal in Canada

How it works?

By signing on to Linkinride.com, we ensure each users are employees.

Our system matches commute locations of employees in near by intersections using QR code, hashtags(#), social chat and website. We operate as an online transportation desk at any given work location and provide a guaranteed carpool ride in 30 days .The subscription cost for this service is $1.99 (equivalent to a cup of COFFEE)

Socialise with available best ride match connection and start sharing ride. Ride share payments are NOT managed in linkinride

Support Greta Thunberg, eco environment, Carpool, Group ride, vanpool, employee social network

Frequently Ask Questions

How does Linkinride confirms he/she is an legitimate employee?

We email an one-time unique verification code/link to the organization email provided for verification purposes. We restrict entering free email providers (gmail, yahoo, outlook.com etc.) for employee organization verification.

How is Linkinride different from others?

  1. First of its kind - QR code for carpool rideshare, so you can SCAN QR at a organization location and join a ride.
  2. We connect employees for ride, so we assure you have a trusted ride partner.
  3. We appreciate employees choosing carpool - vanpool by listing on linkinride group portal.

Is Linkinride approved by any organization?

Linkinride is an approved Gmap pilot project by City of Toronto (as on Oct 2018). We are serving employees of 10+ organizations (as of Oct 2019) located in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Dartmouth (Halifax) and Saskastoon.

How does Linkinride makes money?

We assure provide the best ride match for employees needing carpool, vanpool for a subscription cost of $1.99 with validity for 6 months.

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